Warehouse Management Systems
The logistics demands of today's major organizations are complex. Our warehouse management software, warehouse management systems offers peak performance and advanced management capabilities for all your warehouse operations. Software Designed Specifically for Third Party Logistics Providers, fulfillment, and distribution operations.


ComputerSys Warehouse Management System, with its complete warehouse distribution operations functionality, features radio frequency (RF) terminal support, extensive administration tools, and a unique approach to both managing labor and requirements.

Created to control the movement and storage of all the materials within warehouse as well as all the operations associated with it.


Software completely automates all the operations of your distribution center with zero information errors and lead times, thus eliminating the extra material handling, excess travel, and time spent looking for product.

Our inventory management modules includes tracking of lots, serial numbers, expiration dates, weight, volume and dimensions.


Benefits of Warehouse Management System

    Savings in time with system-directed operations
    Savings in space and better utilization of resources
    Higher accuracy in inventory and shipments
    Reduced travel time, search time and materials handling
    Elimination of constant physical count of inventory
    Decrease in delay fees and charge backs
    Increase in throughput with faster processing

    Increase in productivity with reduced manual work and paper documents.


               It’s ideal for operations where multiple owners of inventory, multiple clients, multiple locations and variable business models are required.



Features of Warehouse Management System

Our WMS Software is composed of several modules that when combined together produces a powerful warehousing software capable of handling all the operations in supply chain industry including:

Receiving   |  Blind receiving   |  Putaway

Cross docking | Quality control | Value added services

Inventory management | Freight fulfillment  | Physical cycle or counting

Picking (single, batch, zone) | Packing | Shipping | ASN  | Order consolidation

Replenishment  | Load building | Wave building and management

EDI capabilities and more.....


Software Designed Specifically for Third Party Logistics Providers 3PL'S

Our Warehouse Management System is a flexible software solution designed specifically for third-party logistics providers. The 3PL software system provides an activity-based invoicing to clients based on client profile and is powered by real-time order, inventory, and transportation information.

3PL WMS comes with a fully integrated bridge to accounting systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, allowing you the maximum in flexibility and integration capabilities.


Features of 3PL Warehouse Management System
The 3PL software records transaction activity and automatically calculates billing charges for inbound handling and storage as well as renewal storage.
Additional charges can be added either during receiving, order shipment or independently at any time during the month and accounted for in a later report generation.
Billing profiles are specific to each combination of client and product i.e. two clients may store the same product, but be billed in completely different ways.
The activity tracking and costing module tracks function codes and work performed for both system and non-system activities.

Other useful features of E-Tech 3PL Warehouse Management System includes:
Client-master files to define billing rules
Capture accessorial charges
Item master file to bind an item to a client
Invoicing function to generate invoice files and added reports
Interface to export report to external accounting software
Storage charges based on cubed consumption as of selected date or average specified period
Specific items may be tied to specific clients
Inquiries and reports by client will access only those items
Web-enabled tools to provide more flexibility to clients

Our consultants will work closely with you to create a plan to ensure your Warehouse Management System scales with the growth of your organization.

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