Video Surveillance Systems
We offers a technology driven security, intelligent surveillance and control system focused design, integration, engineering and consultancy services to clients wishing to design, implement and integrate highly complex security system projects.

You have a vision for your business?

Let ComputerSys help you with the focus. Video surveillance systems should be designed not only as a critical part of your facilities security, but should increase your productivity, enhance your quality control, reduce risk from fraudulent claims, provide a clear increase in your annual revenue, and most importantly give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Video Surveillance Systems help our customers enjoy :
                -Reduce insurance costs
                -Reduced inventory shrinkage
                -Better customer service
                -Reduced fraudulent claims
                -Better facility oversight
                -Reduced false dispatches
                -Enhanced employee safety
                -Remote manageability

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ComputerSys has emerged as an industry leader in the world of video surveillance and remote access using cutting edge technology. We keep our Residential and Commercial clients completely up-to-date with the most advanced, efficient, and affordable security surveillance technology on the market.



Video Surveillance Solution Packages



Point of Sale Security  Systems
Video Surveillance is an important item to add to your POS System. With our add on for security, you will have

piece at mind knowing that you will have live surveillance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We provide a one stop shop for complete POS System solutions.

With a focused range of innovative products and services, ComputerSys can help you take control of your business

by improving your profitability, accuracy, and maximizing the efficiency of your employees.



Single Camera Systems
Great for basic surveillance, this system get you started with serious home or office security.

The single system is able to provide customers with high performance and professional equipment at an affordable price.

This complete surveillance package is ideal for use with day and night, indoor and outdoor applications.
System features high quality recording capabilities with its many features.




2 Camera System
Great for basic surveillance with a back up office or second control. Most of these camera surveillance let you record and review.

Home Night Vision monitoring up to 25 feet away , watching Parking Lots,

View security cameras on iPhone, Android PDA, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Symbian cell phones.





4 Camera System
These surveillance kits feature 4 cameras complete with DVR for easy recording and monitoring even remotely from any

computer  with Internet. With 4 surveillance cameras, you can monitor up to four areas.
Monitoring Entry Doors, Watching Employees, Keeping an Eye on your Children and more




8 Camera System
Easily monitor, record, and manage surveillance footage from up to 8 cameras on a central screen or remotely on any computer

with Internet. With everything you need to monitor your home or business.





16 Camera System
Get high powered security with our 16 camera surveillance systems. Monitor your property from 16 different angles and effectively

view surveillance footage on a central monitor or remotely on any computer..






PC Based
View surveillance footage from anywhere in the world on any computer with Internet with these PC based packages. These

surveillance system include everything you need to effectively monitor anything.





Call the experts at ComputerSys today  and let us explain how our state-of-the-art  Video Surveillance Systems can prevent criminals and vandals from destroying your business or property.  For more information about ComputerSys Video Surveillance Security services, feel free to contact us.