Point of Sales / Business Implementation
At Computersys  we have a powerful, scalable Windows base  Point of Sale and Inventory  Management  software solution with integrated e-commerce that allows you to maintain absolute control of all aspects of your business. Tightly controlled inventory and sale, maximize security and minimize employee fraud, all while presenting the customer with streamlined, fast checkout. With our intuitive touch screen cash register, you can be up and selling in no time at all.

ComputerSys is a leading provider of business management solutions
including; retail & restaurant point of sale system, e-commerce, accounting systems,
and other value-added services for retail and hospitality businesses.
With this robust variety of solutions, ComputerSys is uniquely positioned to provide all components necessary to allow our customers the ability to streamline business operations without ever having to compromise customer service.


Strategic analysis of your current and future needs
Specializing in restaurant and retail industries
POS support by dedicated and experienced staff

We provide a complete analysis for both present and future needs allowing our systems to be added as your business expands. We can provide you with comprehensive system functionality, whether as single units or as part of a networked management system

At ComputerSys, we understand how important Point of Sales Systems are for your business, and that is why we work hard in becoming the best in the market. ComputersSys is not a basic point of sale software, but it comes in a variety of different POS software. ComputerSys has Retail Software, Restaurant Software, Grocery Store Software, Beauty Salon Software, Billiard Software, Membership Club Software, Gift Card Software, online eCommerce store integration, an integrated inventory management software, and integrated Payment Processing Software.

Not only do we offer a variety of POS software, but we also integrate with the most popular and reliable Point of Sale equipment.

Point of Sale Software Hardware is easily integrated with our POS Solutions thanks to a hand-to-hand collaboration with key manufacturers.


It's time to get rid of that Point of Sale Cash Register and strengthen your business with ComputerSys Retail Point of Sale systems, Restaurant Point Of Sale systems, or any other business that our variety of POS software tailor to.

Our POS software is fabricated to you! It doesn't matter if you own a retail store, a supermarket, or a restaurant. We offer a POS software for almost any industry, as well as the size of your business; ComputerSys has a software designed for that as well.


Using our point of sale software you could track your inventory to be able to efficiently analyze the backbone of your business. Our POS software will help you avoid expenses from overstocking and over billing. Using the data collected by the POS terminal you can substantially lower shrinkage; eliminate stock shortages, frustrated customers, and lost sales.

ComputerSys as your point of sale system solution will help you to maximize your business' growth. Our POS software reduces the amount of time (and employees) it takes to complete transactions, which then allows managers and store owners to focus more on revenue-generating activities. Our POS system will improve customer service by speeding sales transactions, reducing errors, and minimizing out-of-stock-conditions. Our POS software helps reduce losses due to excess inventory and overtsaffing, also helping support marketing activities by improving customer tracking.


Our Point of Sale solutions accommodate multi-store/multi-register businesses, almost any vertical market imaginable from apparel, shoes, gift, hardware, pet supplies, sporting goods, cosmetics, books, office supplies, lighting, computers and many others.  Please contact us to speak with a IT sales consultant to discover how ComputerSys Corporation can help your organization and  become your best solution for any POS software of choice.


For more information about ComputerSys Point of Sales Integration services, feel free to contact us