High Tech Outfitting
We are committed to providing and supporting innovative, practical and top-quality business solutions that save time and improve the way people conduct business.

Professional Work Spaces with High-Tech Audio Visual Solutions.
At ComputerSys we have the latest in high-tech business solutions for Audio Visual Communication, we can update all of your professional space from offices to conference rooms to lobbies, entrances and waiting areas. 

Our specialists install and integrate all of the necessary systems, including: 

  • Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Dual Desktop Monitors
  • Digital Welcome Stations  
  • Touch Screen Panels
  • Wall-Mount Flat Screen Monitors 
  • Wireless Projectors 

Efficiency,  Savings and Environment

Choosing superior technology when integrating your audio visual office communication systems will help you accomplish your business goals more efficiently. Integrated systems not only streamline your daily business operations, but can also increase office productivity. Our Technology business solutions support eco-friendly efforts for transitioning to a paperless work environment.

Workstations and Offices

Dual monitors enable employees to work in more than one document at a time or access multiple points of information simultaneously. This allows work to be completed faster and more accurately.


Conference rooms and offices with wall-mounted display screens offer a solution to common problems that inhibit office productivity. Visualization of a meeting are easily accomplished when everyone can view a single screen for topics of discussion, project planning, reviewing documents and more.


Lobbies & Waiting Areas

Welcome clients into your office with a visually-stunning lobby area. Computersys installs digital display signs that show visitors they are entering the facility of a company that prides itself on using the most recent technologies. Digital signs can provide valuable information about your business through video testimonials, slide show presentations, corporate messages or any other creative efforts you can imagine.



Install a digital/touch screen sign-in station to put your guests and office staff at ease. The touch screen feature is user-friendly while the digital storing of information reduces clerical errors. In addition, electronic data is not only secure, but also takes less time to process, which increases office productivity.


ComputerSys is a leading provider of technology solutions for business workplaces and home environments. For more information, feel free to contact us.